Who We Are

BCG renovations and maintenance is a division of Bluespec Contractors Group, Bluespec Contractors Group covers all aspects of property development, renovations and maintenance.

Our company is split into 2 divisions

BCG RENOVATIONS which deals with renovations and maintenance.

BCG SOLAR which deals in the supply and installation of renewable energy – solar panels, inverters, batteries, etc.

BCG Renovations is a property renovations & maintenance company servicing customers in a wide range of industries and property types.

With years of experience from countless properties, we are the go-to company for property owners looking for dependable, professional, and cost-effective services.

Highly skilled in multiple facets of property services, we strive to make property renovation & maintenance as straightforward as possible. We carefully engineer renovation & maintenance programs that are structured to each client’s specific needs.

Protecting your assets is our top concern. Best practice methodologies employed and mastered over a broad client base have allowed BCG Renovations and maintenance to hone its programs and reduce the cost to our clients.

We are registered building, plumbing, and electrical contractors

Our Specialities

We do everything, from changing a light bulb to building a double-story, we are big enough to completely revamp your house but also small enough to come out to change your light bulb for you.

The scope of our projects is limited only by what our clients want.

If it needs renovating we have got you covered. Please view our gallery to see what we can do.



Our experience with renovations of all types has allowed us to fine-tune our home renovation process to ensure that each project runs smoothly and meets our clients’ expectations.

It is vital that we deliver an exceptional home renovation and also that you and your family enjoy the exciting experience of improving your home.



Most of us can conjure up happy memories of family and friends gathered in the kitchen. The old adage of it being the heart of the home still rings true.

Our memories will be uniquely our own and we’re fortunate to live in a time where we have the opportunity to make our kitchens just as unique by designing and building for the way our families function.



Sometimes it isn’t more space you need in your home, it’s a refresh—which is where a makeover can help.

A home makeover provides a new, fresh, modern look and feels throughout your home without necessarily involving major works. It’s the ideal way to keep your home up-to-date and keeping pace with your family.



The bathroom is one of the most commonly renovated rooms in a home. Like the kitchen, the bathroom gets everyday wear and tear with multiple family members in and out each day.

Bathrooms and kitchens also set the style of a home so a bathroom renovation is often in order after a number of years.


With a fleet of 12 vehicles with more than 16 teams, we are more than capable to handle all your projects efficiently.